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The Ephesians 4:11-13 Principle

Equipping Pastors to Equip their People




It is a Biblical Progression

Equipped Pastors Equip their People. Yet most pastors in Developing nations have not had that opportunity. That's where the RSMI Pastor's Initiative come in.

RSMI Pastor's Initiative

Our Pastor's Initiative has two parts: RSMI Training Centers for Biblical Education and the RSMI Adopt-A-Pastor Program

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Find out what we're doing to help children

RSMI Children's Initiative

Our Process

It is our belief that all things must be founded in the Word of God to Christ’s glory.

The bible is central to all actions and activities that we engage in, and the measure by which we access our efforts to serve God in obedience to His call.

This is why Training Pastors must be first. As pastors are equipped, they equip their people, and the people then, are to do the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:11-13).


Equipping Pastors to Equip their People

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Sponsor a Pastor and their Family

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Help bring wholeness to at-risk children

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Change the life of a child today

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Check out some of the other things we're doing, and how you can help...

Lead Pastor Provision | Micro Loans for Sustainability | Pastor’s Conferences | Teacher’s Salaries | Feeding Programs

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There are many ways you can serve the Lord through Risen Scepter



Serve the Lord in your own community through volunteering.

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Encourage Pastors & Children in developing nations through sponsorship and support.

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Go with us on a trip and experience first-hand all the Lord is doing through Risen Scepter.

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Other Ways to Help

There are so many ways to help Pastors and Children in developing nations. Be creative.

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RSMI's Give a Goat Project

Give a Goat - Change a Life



Bring nutrition and economic increase to a needy family in a developing nation

Give a Goat Project

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