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Mindanao pastors being trainedWhen you covenant with us to help equip a pastor your generosity is multiplied in multi-faceted ways to cause servants of God to shine forth the light of Christ to their generation and cultures.

Most of those that are currently serving as a pastor, or know that they are called to do so in the developing world, lack the resources and training needed. This limits them to such an extent that they feel unable to answer that call completely


RSMI Training Centers respond to this essential need by…

  • Equipping Pastors to fulfill their calls

  • Insuring sound biblical doctrine is taught to the people of God

  • Protecting against error and affirming biblical truth

  • Helping pastors to do their part in fulfilling the Lord’s Great Commission mandate to “make disciples (Matt 28:18-20)”

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This is done through training and mentoring the students using teachers that not only been trained themselves, but also have practical experience in every area of ministry.

What are some of the things your donation is used for?

  • To purchase study bibles and course curriculum

  • To support qualified teachers thereby insuring the level of training is maintained

  • Food and necessities for those students that might be residents of the Training Center during the week

  • Reference books and study resources

  • Construction of simple buildings on the Training Center campus such as dorms – classrooms – kitchens – and lunchrooms/study centers

  • The ongoing establishment of future Training Centers that we might fulfill the vision given to us by the Lord Himself


Through your kindness this training is free to the students

Kenyans waiting to be prayed for

Although in most cases opportunities for biblical and pastoral training comes with associated costs for the prospective student, Risen Scepter does not operate in this manner.

Although there is a small registration fee, easily attainable for the student being adjusted for their economic culture to encourage accountability, all other associated costs are provided at no charge to the prospective pastor through your donation.


Two Ways to Help!

Just $35 to purchase a study bible and the 1st of 10 courses

(Simply select the "Help a Pastor be Trained" option from the drop down menu in the online giving portal)


Want to do More? Start a Training Center

A one time gift of 300.00 dollars will equip 10 pastors, supplying each of them with the 1st of 10 courses of Curriculum and a Brand New Study Bible!

(Simply select the "Start a Training Center" option from the drop down menu in the online giving portal)


Finally, do you have a heart to help training pastors, yet are not interested in the two options above?

Give a gift of any amount using the "Training Centers" option in the drop down menu in the online giving portal


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