Feeding Programs

Two Types

RSMI has two types of feeding programs to minister to those in need; the Schools and Orphans Feeding Program and the Village Food Program

Both of these initiatives are strategically focused to address the needs of the poor that are not able to secure enough food for subsistence.  Along with this these programs open doors of opportunity to extend our reach evangelistically for God’s kingdom purpose.


1. The RSMI Schools and Orphans Feeding Program

Children in a classroom in the Marthe Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

At our RSMI school in Nairobi the children will receive at least one wholesome meal a day through your generosity. Many times this may be the only healthy meal that they receive that day.

Many of our children have lost at least one, if not both parents to disease, most notably AIDS

 A percentage of these children are HIV positive. The irony is that this medication must be taken with a meal or the child will become ill

To get an idea how devastating this problem is look at the statistics from the UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010

UN AIDS Report

(Read the full report here)

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Risen Scepter currently has several hundred at-risk children

Daily nutritious meals are vitally important to them – Please help us meet this need


2. RSMI Village Feeding Program

Our second feeding initiative is the Village Feeding Program.  It too is exceedingly important.

Listen to God’s mandate in Deuteronomy chapter fifteen, verse eleven

Deut 15:11
For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, 'You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.'

Feeding children in a remote Mindanao villageWe reach out to those in the remote villages of Africa and the Philippines to bring food supplies, including staples such as rice to those that have trouble feeding their families and themselves. As we do this it presents opportunities to share the Gospel with those to whom we minister physically. Therefore we love to share not only food but the word of God during these times.

These hardworking people do their best to provide for themselves, yet with the frequency of droughts in Africa or floods in the Philippines many times the crops are destroyed and there is not enough to feed their families, let alone to see in market to provide finances for other household necessities.

RSMI has shared food and the Gospel in isolated Mindanao villages with great success.

On one such occasion after the day of passing out food to a village and sharing a fellowship meal  together, as we departed on our motorbikes the villagers lined the path on both sides waving with grateful smiles on their faces. This was truly a moving experience.

What is truly amazing is that many times government officials not only are grateful for this effort, but also participate in the food distribution for their people.

What a great opportunity to make vital connections for future ministry in their areas!

Neighborhood children in our RSMI Montilban, Rizal, Philippines church in line for a meal after the bible study and prayer time

Neighborhood children in our RSMI Montilban, Rizal, Philippines church in line for a meal after the bible study and prayer time


What Your Gift Does

In most cases it takes from 500-700 dollars to share food with a small village. This helps to provide for…

  • The staple food products for distribution
  • The food for the fellowship meal with the villagers
  • The transportation costs including fuel and motorbike fees (The easiest way to reach Mindanao villagers)
  • Any printed materials that might be necessary to announce our program ahead of time
  • Follow-up work among the people of any particular village with discipleship programs or church planting.
Food to be prepared in a Kenyan village


Won’t You Help Us Help Them?

Help us share with God’s precious people life, both physical and spiritual

With your gift of any amount you can help to bring not only the food that is the staple of existence, but also the message of the Gospel to a child or a villager in the developing world.

Help us bring hope to a child or villager with a monthly or one time gift today



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