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It's Hard to Believe

If we live in the west it's hard for us to understand what a simple gift such as a goat or other livestock can mean to people in need - especially children



A Source of Nutrition and Income

Just think what the milk from a goat means to a young child that needs nutrition to be healthy and grow.

Not only that, young goats can bring income to a poor family when sold.

For a gift of only 75.00 dollars you are able to give a goat to a needy family

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A picture of a goat



Look below for more ways to help a needy family

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A Cow


A cow can produce six to seven gallons of milk each day.

Think how much that can mean to a needy family

For a gift of 300.00 dollars you can provide a cow

Give a Cow Today...

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Give a Rooster or a Hen



Picture of a Rooster


So many ways to help change lives

People of an RSMI church in Amani, Kenya

With your help we are bringing encouragement and changing the lives of pastors and their people in developing nations.


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