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One of the ways to be involved with Risen Scepter is to give

RSMI Feeding Program in Mindanao

Giving can mean many things. For example one of the synonyms for the word give is "to stretch". We realize that this is intended to mean something that has “give” in it such as elastic.

But there is another way to look at it.


Giving Transforms Us

From a Christian perspective, sometimes when we give it stretches us.

Giving takes us beyond where we are to where God want us to go.

Giving has the ability to transform our lives through the experience.

When we follow God in obedience our minds are renewed and transformed
(Rom 12:1-2).

Children in Uganda
We look at the world differently. Each new experience in God gives us a different perspective.

We begin to see through His eyes.

Giving Transforms Others

Yet our being transformed is not the only result of our giving. When we give we have the opportunity to transform the lives of others. We have the ability to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ locally and globally. Giving gives us the ability to replace hopelessness with a hope that will not disappoint them (Rom 5:5) because it is based in God Himself

Help us bring transformation to the lives of pastors, children, and families. Help us be the hands of our Lord Jesus and...

Express the Kingdom of God in the Earth


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