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Risen Scepter is looking for those that would like an opportunity to serve God through its ministry to developing nations.


RSMI Community Volunteers

RSMI Community Volunteers are making an impact for the Lord by touching countless numbers of lives.

When you serve the Lord through Risen Scepter...

You are extending you reach with the message of Jesus Christ through Africa and the Philippines.

You do this by multiplying yourself through the efforts of the pastors and believers in developing nations.

How Does it Work?

There are multiple ways that you have an opportunity to serve the Lord in your community through Risen Scepter.



Be creative, the possibilities are endless. Simply pray and ask the Lord how He would like you to participate.

How do I get started?Two Men Talking

Getting started is simple. All you have to do is fill out our online application. We will contact you for a telephone discussion where you will have an opportunity to share your heart concerning the ministry of RSMI and the needs of those in developing nations that we are serving.

From there the RSMI representative will express to you how we view the ministry’s mission and vision. Also during this time you will have an opportunity to ask any questions about Risen Scepter or your role with us. It’s as easy as that.

What are the Qualifications?

Finally you need to agree completely with RSMI’s Vision, Mission Statement, and Statement of Faith

What Comes Next?

The RSMI representative will help you become equipped with the ability to share Risen Scepter in your local community effectively. Most of this sharing will be one on one or in informal group settings. Yet it might also lead to you having the opportunity to share in larger settings as well.

As you do this you will see the Lord begin to build a passion in you; a passion that is supported and strengthened by the knowledge that you are forming a kingdom legacy the will effect coming generations of people until the Lord’s return.

Get started now by filling out our online application



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 If you live in the US or Europe contact us here for more information.







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