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Supporting Pastors to Fulfill Their Calls

Without the Second the First Will FailMindanao Pastor

When we told you about the RSMI Pastor’s Initiative we pointed out that to answer the need of pastors in developing nations we had devised a two-pronged approach, the first of this being the RSMI Training Centers for Biblical Education.

Yet without the implementation of the second element, the overall initiative was bound to fail. More has to be done.

Two Halves of a Whole

True it is necessary to provide quality training for those that have a call to service in the pastoral ministry, that they might effectively train God’s people. Yet to the pastor, current or future, that is struggling to survive, this training means little.

A pastor that is careworn, attempting to feed their family, or one lacking in the basic necessities, cannot effectively serve the body of Christ. A pastor parent, hearing their child crying as a result of need or hunger, is not free to follow their call.

Furthermore, most of the congregations or church plants in which pastors in the developing world find service are themselves poor, and therefore, not able to provide for their servant leader.



The Need is Great

We have seen many pastors during our trips that do not have enough rice to feed their family for a week; or those that walk for kilometers several times in the course of a month simply to reach their church to lead the service or minister to their people.

We have also seen those that serve more than one congregation, traveling great distances over rough roads on public transportation at their own expense simply to serve. All the while wondering how they will feed their family, or buy the required school uniform that their children might be allowed to attend school.

The Result

Without help, many of these servants of God leave the ministry for other less noble, but sometimes more practical occupations, considering their life situation. Food insecurity is a great motivator. This should not have to happen!

Ministry Sustainability

RSMI is bringing Ministry Sustainability through its Adopt-A- Pastor Program. A simple monthly gift can strengthen and bring hope to a pastor and their family in a developing nation.

With your help and encouragement these pastors are given the confidence to continue in their calls not having to worry about their family or personal provision. One person serving Christ can touch countless numbers of lives for the glory of God.
Help us help them that we might build the Kingdom together

Through the Adopt-A-Pastor Program we are Supporting Pastors to Fulfill Their Calls

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