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Children Need Wholeness!

Every Child Needs Wholeness


We’re sure that those of you who are parents want the best for your children. What true parent doesn’t?

Not only that...



When we were young we didn’t think about the details, we just were certain that somehow – someway, everything that we wished for would become a reality. That’s what idealism and childhood is all about.

It’s the Same and It’s Not


Children at an RSMI Feeding ProgramIn the 3rd world children still dream big dreams yet their hope is limited by the stark reality of their environment. Children of neglect, abuse, or systemic poverty many times simply accept their situation.

Rather Than thinking about the future -  they are centered on their needs for that day.


Many children in the west complain about having to go to school...



Children in developing nations generally love to go to school because they are given a noon time meal

RSMI’s Developing Nations Schools and Orphans Program


In a response to the dire situation we have just described Risen Scepter Ministries International is working with children to improve their current situation and prepare them for their futures.


In the RSMI Schools and Orphans Program we minister to children Spiritually – Emotionally – Rationally – and Physically.


RSMI does this with nurture, mentoring, and training.

We are equipping these children to rise above their current situations with a confidence and ability that they would not otherwise have.


Hope Does Become Reality!

It is hope that strengthens and under-girds these children. It is hope that tells them that no matter how harsh their current situation might be, it does not have to remain that way.


You are able to bring...


You have the ability to change countless children’s lives; you have the ability to give them a future and a hope (Jer 29:11)

Learn more about how we are nurturing children in developing nations...





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