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Fruit vendor, Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

First it must be understood that people in poverty are not lazy but industrious. They want to provide for themselves but in most cases simply lack the opportunity.

Micro Loans are a great way to help a pastor and those they care for help themselves. Furthermore, your gift is multiplied again and again as it is reinvested in pastor after pastor.


How it Works

RSMI, as an organization negotiates with a pastor works with a pastor and their family to develop creative ideas for a small business. This can be a small storefront attached to their home, livestock such as a cow or chickens, pigs, or other ways to develop income.

These entrepreneurial ideas are to be based upon the need in their particular area and culture.

Based upon this initial assessment an amount is determined; usually between 100 and 500 dollars. From there a weekly repayment schedule is created to develop responsibility until the terms of the loan have been met. There is no interest accessed for these loans yet the terms must be met or no further loan can be expected.

 (To the right is a Sari-Sari store - "Variety" in Tagalog -  in a small Mindanao village)

Micro Loans_1


As the funds are paid they are then reinvested in another pastor and their family. This way the gift you give is reapplied and multiplied. Therefore, your one gift helps multiple needy people.

 If we find that there is a way to incorporate additional members of the pastor’s church community this also provides a way to raise the standard of living for more than one family as well as bringing unity and a sense of pride to those that have only know poverty and struggle as a way of life


Micro Loans for Sustainability


We realize that although the Adopt-A-Pastor program brings immediate help to pastors in need it is not enough.

The ultimate goal of the Micro-Loans for Pastor Project is to bring self-sufficiency. These servants of God need the opportunity to stand on their own with the help of their God.

Micro Loans_2


This not only breaks the cycle of poverty but helps them to realize that their source of help, through God’s care, is from themselves and not from Western Nations. This is a highly important concept to impart that they might see their potential.

The people of developing nations must be self-sufficient and use their own resources for themselves and their nations to thrive


Won’t You Help Us Help Them?

Some of the things that your loan does

Help the pastoral entrepreneur get started in a business

  • Provide business training for the pastor and their family

  • Lift the entrepreneur out of poverty and cause them to be self-sufficient

  • Give them the confidence to know that they are able to use their natural talents to provide for themselves and their families

  • Take them beyond support to sustainability by their own efforts giving them confidence and hope


Your gift of 25.00 - 50.00 - 75.00 - or 100.00 dollars does all this and more.

Help a pastor become self-sufficient through your gift today.




Encourage a Pastor and Their Family Today


If you live in the US or Europe contact us here for more information.

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