Nurturing Children

What Does Nurture Mean?

To nurture simply means to...

CultivateCherishEncourage – and Develop.

This should be a natural process applied by any loving parent because it reflects our Father God and how He works in all of our lives.

Yet, sad to say, for many children this is not the case.

Children in a RSMI church in Montilban, Philippine

Failure to Nurture

For thousands cultivation is replaced by disregard and neglect, and lack of appreciation is substituted for cherishing. Rather than encouragement many children receive accusation and blame. This being the case, progressive healthy development doesn’t occur and children cannot reach their full potential.

Additionally, in the developing world because of aids and other environmental factors many children are left orphans or in single parenting situations.

Children from our school in the Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

In these conditions, although it is their guardian‘s desire to nurture, they are normally struggling to survive and lack the necessary skills to instill within the child what they need to grow into healthy adults.

Intervention is necessary to break the cycle of systemic poverty – failure – and hopelessness


What Risen Scepter is Doing?

With our RSMI Schools and Orphans Program, Risen Scepter is helping these children by providing support through our holistic approach. This initiative is applied to groups of children through special school scenarios and if existing, home environmental development.

Because of Our Schools and Orphans Program We are Able To…

  • Work holistically with our children to bring about true soundness: Spiritually – Emotionally – Rationally – and Physically

  • Provide at least one meal a day through our Schools and Orphans Feeding Program

  • Deliver school supplies and the tools they need for a proper education

  • Bible training which instills a love for and appreciation of our Father God as the ultimate example of nurture and acceptance through Jesus Christ

  • Training in hygiene and basic life skills

This and more infuses children with a sense of well-being – confidence – and hope

Pastor George Ochieng and some Nairobi street children

What are some of the things that your donation is used for?

  • Backpacks and school supplies

  • Teachers’ salaries for a consistent development experience

  • School meals and home feeding programs

  • AIDS medication for HIV positive students

  • Bibles and biblical training materials

  • School uniforms

  • Clean drinking water

  • Government exams

  • Ongoing development of future schools and orphans centers


Won’t You Help Us Help Our Children?

Your gift of 34.00 a month can change the future of at-risk children

Help our children on a monthly or one time basis.


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