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It is Risen Scepter’s belief that all things must be founded in the word of God to Christ’s glory. This indispensable principle is central to all actions and activities that we engage in.

It is also the measure by which we access our efforts to serve God in obedience to His call.

The Vision of RSMI


In keeping with this principle the vision of Risen Scepter Ministries International is…

RSMI Vision Statement

What does this mean?


We believe that the bible is God’s self-revelation to RSMI Logothose He lovingly created.

This means it contains all that is needed to live a life whole and complete on an individual and universal basis.


Fundamental Questions

The word of God answers the fundamental questions of origin, purpose, and destiny.

This is due to the fact that the Bible reveals not only who God is, but also what He desires for us.

Everyone can live a life of wholeness, filled with God’s shalom (His fully orbed well-being). The peace which is available to those that know Christ as Savior.

We invite you to join with us in this vision

Help us bring dynamic progressive change, by equipping pastors to equip their people through God's eternal, immutable truth.

Using the vehicle of God’s Servant leaders which are working within their respective cultures, we can change lives for the Glory of Christ.

Help Us Change Lives

Risen Scepter Ministries International – Bringing Change…

Bringing Change


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