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RSMI’s Primary Goal

Risen Scepter Ministries International's primary goal is to equip the pastors in developing nations that they might equip their people.


To accomplish this we are...

...establishing the RSMI Training Centers for Biblical Studies.

We also host intensified pastor’s seminars that challenge these indigenous servants of God to think about the Bible in a way that upholds its integrity.

It is sad to note that...

In many developing nations, pastors with a powerful call on their lives must rely on obtaining their knowledge from television programming that is broadcast from the west.

Countless times this information is then blended with cultural traditions that are far from biblical.

The result is teaching that no longer resembles biblical truth

Throughout large portions of the Church today, what is delivered as biblical truth, falls far short of sound apostolic teaching.

Apostolic teaching is the stuff the apostles taught!

This apostolic teaching has been affirmed by the body of Christ down through the centuries.

Pursuing the Pattern

Risen Scepter is helping pastors pursue the Eph. 4:11-13 pattern of ministry which states that the Pastors are to equip their people, and the people in turn are to do the work of the ministry.

Why is this Important?

When not only the pastors but also the people of God are trained, we will see individuals – families – communities – and nations changed for the glory of Christ.

How can we be faithful to the words of the Lord “make disciples (Matt 28:19-20)”, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded”, if the word of God is not taught accurately?

It is biblical truth not men, that changes lives through the work of the Holy Spirit; and that change that is accomplished, is declared in the Scripture itself (2 Tim 3:16).

The Ephesians four principle brings wholeness in every area of existence. Therefore the lives of all it touches are affected holistically.

Where Do We Go From There?


A secondary goal of this ministry is to improve the lives of children. Those children whose lives have been ravished by aids, abuse, lack of food, lack of education (spiritual, intellectual, and familial), lack of opportunity, lack of parenting and mentorship, and of course violence and war.

This is done through our Schools and Orphans initiative, and the One Child and a Time program.

Man standing and listening

We Need Your Help

This is but a small portion of the vision we carry. This mandate from God cannot be brought forth without your participation.

We invite you prayerfully consider being engaged; we invite you to participate in kingdom action with us, that we together…
Express the Kingdom of God in the Earth


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