RSMI Africa

The Beginning

The international ministry of Risen Scepter found its beginning in the nation of Kenya in 2009

Who We Have Been

Originally, RSMI was a small fellowship of believers in the US.

This church, Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship, was founded in the year 2000.

What We Believed

That many in the body of Christ today, in all nations, had a desire to become more fully trained in the word of God.


Following that, they should be given opportunity to fulfill their calls.



That belief became a mandate to train

RSMI's First Church in Kenya

We observed that a significant amount of today’s teaching was far below the standard that God desired for His people. It became apparent that this level of training would not equip the ones that the Lord had given His life for.

Bishop Obadiah Nguku Kimanzi and Family
Obadiah is African International Coordinator
National Lead Pastor - Kenya

In 2009 Risen Scepter established its first church in Africa, in the nation of Kenya.

This humble beginning just a short time ago has led to a network of churches across that nation as well as other fellowships in Uganda.



Touching the Lives of African Children and Families

Risen Scepter Ministries International also affects and transforms the lives of children through the Excellent Care Centre School in the Mathare, Nairobi slum, under Freedom International, our family ministry.

Yearly this school touches the lives of hundreds of orphans and at-risk children.

This does not only include an education, but trains them holistically, that they might live meaningful lives and effect their cultures for Christ.

This means that it is our intent to minister to these young ones in every area of their existence to bring wholeness and transformation through our School and Orphans initiative and our One Child at a Time Program.

Equipping and Supporting the Pastors of Africa

Risen Scepter AfricaTraining Pastors in Kenya

Risen Scepter opened the RSMI Training Center for Biblical Studies in Kyome, Mwingi, Kenya in 2011 and is making preparations for schools in the areas of Bungoma, and Homa Bay, Kenya as well. Along with this training RSMI endeavors to bring physical and emotional support to pastors in Africa through the Adopt-A-Pastor Program so that they are encouraged in their calls and are able to continue, not lacking the basic necessities to sustain themselves or their families.

The vision that the Lord has given us is great; to establish Training Centers in Africa, and from there to the four corners of the earth.

May this equipping process go forth to the establishment of the kingdom and the manifest glory of God.

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