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The Situation

Over sixty percent of the pastors today, functioning in that role in multiple nations, have not been formally equipped to fulfill their positions. As a matter of fact in some nations such as Uganda, this group has been estimated to be as high as eighty percent.

These servants of God haven't any libraries filled with reference books, Kenyan Pastor With His Wifenor courses to be studied. In most cases, not only do they not have the resources or reference tools, they also lack the basic daily necessities of physical provision for them or their families.

How is it then that, they feel confident to fulfill their calls? The pastor's situation under these conditions is dire, and yet they serve the Lord to the best of their ability, trusting him each day, moving forward in faith, praying for a provision yet to come.

RSMI is committed to do its part to offer workable solutions to this tremendous challenge through our Pastor's Initiative programs.

This enterprise is two-fold

The first step in resolving this challenge is the ongoing establishment of RSMI Training Centers for Biblical Education (TCBE). In addition to the training centers, the second step is the Adopt a Pastor Program. For that matter, if you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart, we would love you to Pick a Pastor to sponsor right now.

The result of the combining of these two programs will not only equip the pastor for service, but bring the necessary stability to their home that they might serve Christ to the glory of God without the additional pressure of a struggle for daily survival.

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