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Through the Providence of God

Although Risen Scepter started its international ministry in Kenya, East Africa, it wasn’t long before the Lord in His providence brought us to the Philippines.


In November of 2009 a few churches in Mindanao began to gather under the RSMI banner. All Three Geographical Divisions

From 2009 to Now

From 2009 RSMI has grown from those first few churches on the island of Mindanao, to having a ministry representation in all three of the principle geographical divisions of the Philippine Islands, Luzon – Mindanao – and Visayas.

Risen Scepter has conducted feeding programs in remote Mindanao villages and we have witnessed the joy on the people’s faces as they not only share a fellowship meal but receive provisions of rice to feed their families.

Bishop Miras and Pastora Emelyn Miras

Bishop Orsine Miras and Pastora Emelyn Miras.
Bishop Miras is the RSMI National Lead Pastor of the Philippines


After the Pattern

Following after the Ephesians 4:11-13 pattern of ministry that we developed in Africa we are in the process of establishing training centers in the Philippines to equip the pastors there as well.

Because the Philippines are an archipelago of 7,107 islands it presents unique challenges and opportunities concerning ministry.

Map of the Philippines

Yet as in the time of the early church, as this development goes forth and the pastors are equipped, it is our vision to reach these islands, sending trained indigenous workers as missionaries to plant churches in even the remotest areas of this wonderful nation

With this we are able to bring not only spiritual nourishment to remote peoples and cultures, but also training in hygiene, nutrition, and other essential skills to improve the life of the Filipino people.

He Loves Them and We Should Too

On the Island of Mindanao in some remote areas there are tribal people living in dwellings that are built in the trees. This protects them from poisonous snakes, predators, and oncoming enemies.

These people that are precious to the One that created them, deserve to have a servant of God working among them that understands their culture and brings them life enriching skills, along with the eternal truth of God’s word.

Help us help them as well as those of the villages – islands – tribes – and cities of the Republic of the Philippines…

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