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Risen Scepter Ministries International is guided by, and founded upon, certain foundational principles


When a ministry - church - or pastor believes after seeking the Lord, that they are called to be part of the RSMI family, they will be asked to covenant with us to honor our core principles



 First and foremost...

Picture of Risen Scepter's Core Principles

Prospective pastors are to do this by following the points given below


To come into fellowship with RSMI expecting A picture of Kenyan RSMI Pastorsonly to live a life laid down: For the Gospel - For the Kingdom - and most importantly, for the Lord Himself

To stand against corruption in their own lives - the lives of their families - their ministries - and their communities and countries

To walk in an integrity that is first moral and then fiscal. An integrity that fits all aspects of a Christian's life and ministry

To be mutually submitted to other RSMI Pastors - Divisions - and Entities

To teach doctrine as defined first by the Lord Himself, and then by the Apostles whom He taught

Finally Pastors are to...


Covenant to follow completely the RSMI Foundational Documents, that currently Consist of...


If you are a pastor interested in becoming  part of RSMI...


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