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This page is for those that sponsor either a child, or a pastor and their family, through our One Child at a Time program or our Adopt-A-Pastor program.

Contact Information

If you need to update your user details, such as your contact information, please login to the giving portal here.

From the giving portal, simply click the "My Account" tab to update your information.


In addition, if you have not done so already, Please signup for our RSMI Update email. You can find the place to do this on the right-hand panel of this page.

It is with your love and commitment that you are changing lives for the better.

Logging In

Just to be clear, a word about your login. Because you have chosen to become part of what we are doing in developing nations through your giving as well as your prayers, you will actually need two logins. One is the login that you established for the Online Giving Portal, the second is the login required to access the sponsor area on the site.

If you have not done so, please register on the site so that you have access to write your child or pastor.

You can do that in one of two ways.



  • One: There is a login link in the footer of the site. Just click on that link and the login panel will open where you have the option to establish an account.

Footer Login


  • Two: Simply click the button below, and you will be asked to login. From there, you will be taken to the same login panel where you can register, and from there you will receive access to your sponsor page



(Please note: After you registered as a sponsor in the Online Giving Portal you should have already been added to the "Sponsor's Group" by our website administrator. If you are sill not able to access your sponsor's page just contact us at the link below and we will make sure to do that right away.)

You may contact the Webservant here

From this page you are able to access our login screen which takes you to your sponsor area to write your child or pastor.

Please click the appropriate button below and you will be taken to a login page.


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