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A Personal Perspective From Bishop GPastors being trained in Kenya

Vision Born of the Spirit

The Lord equips all those in the body of Christ individually, according to their call, and according to how He plans to integrate them into the Body for His glory and purpose


When I was a young believer, although the Lord allowed me to have an extraordinary love for His word, it seemed as if I was unable to read it like everyone else. What I mean by that is that while it seemed everyone was able to read devotionally, meaning read large portions of the word at one sitting for personal benefit, I was unable to do so. Others would read a chapter, a book, or books of the bible at one time when I could get no further than one verse.

This problem was born of the Spirit of God. I would read one verse and then I had a relentless desire to look up every word, to look up every syllable (perhaps a slight exaggeration), to find out what it was saying.



Never Satisfied

At that time I knew nothing of the principles of biblical interpretation, I just knew that I wanted to know more.

Even though I was in the midst of the Christian “wonder years”, and everything was so new, when I would attend church, my appetite for the word of God was never satiated, I was never full. It really seemed like something was lacking.

Whether owing to the particular fellowships I attended, or the particular teacher, I am unclear. Yet I choose to believe in the providence of God, that this lack of filling’s source was the Lord Himself.  I needed more. He wanted me to desire more.


A Benefit and Responsibility of Being Born in America


Because I was born in America I was able to take advantage of the resources that this birth afforded me; I was able to receive quality training, and for that matter training materials. Yet along with this benefit came a responsibility and also a desire.  I felt a responsibility to share what I had learned, and continue to learn. I also had the desire to train others.

For Those that Have the Hunger, Yet Not the Resources

Pastors in the Philippines filling out our application or ordinationWhat of those like me, like us, that are born into the kingdom with a heart to serve and a hunger to know, to understand the word of God, and yet because they are born in a Training Center 2developing nation have not the assets available to do so? These men and women of God, these servants of the Most High, deserve the opportunity to be equipped, so they can from the accurate knowledge of truth; equip others to fulfill their calls.


Risen Scepter Training Centers for Biblical Education


By the Spirit of God, it was out of the desire to answer this need, that Risen Scepter was born, and from that, RSMI Training Centers. I have a responsibility, you have a responsibility, and we together have a responsibility, to do our part to make sure that the word of God is taught with precision by those that have a genuine call and desire to serve God in this manner.  Those that are called, of all nations, tribes and tongues deserve to be equipped, and the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Word, deserves to be honored it this way.

What is Needed


To fulfill this mandate to equip those that have a call to pastor we need additional curriculum materials, teachers, and supplies for the training centers.

Additionally we need construction materials for future training centers, dorms, and facilities, as well as the land to put them on.


A simple monthly gift is all it takes to help bring the much needed provision to…

Help us equip, train, and send forth, in the name of the Son – for the glory of the Father – under the anointing of the Spirit of God


For Christ's Crown and Covenant

Bishop G

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