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Torn Between Family Obligations and Call

Many pastors in developing nations have a desperate need to be equipped. This is why RSMI is establishing our Training Centers for Biblical Education

Pastors in Uganda being trainedYet have you ever attempted to apply yourself to something when something else weighed so heavily on your mind that it was hard to pay attention to anything else? This is the situation that many pastors in the developing world find themselves.

Of course they know verses such as 1 Timothy 5:8; these pastors are as aware as we are that if someone is genuinely a believer then they will have a heart’s desire to honor the word of God and meet their obligations.

Pastors find themselves torn between love of family – need of necessities – survival – and their service to God.


How RSMI Responds to This Urgent Situation

With our Adopt-A-Pastor Program we…

  • Support pastors that they might remain strong and serve

  • Help provide for the basic necessities for the pastor and their family such as food and shelter

  • Give them a financial cushion that will help sustain them during times of emergency

  • Provide for school fees and uniforms for their children

Taking the pressure off a pastor by them knowing someone cares gives them the confidence to continue

What are some of the things your donation is used for?

Pastors in Mindanao

    • Rent fees for their home

    • Food for their table

    • Clothing to wear

    • Medication for themselves and their families

    • Resource materials for their ministries

    • Public transportation fees that they might effectively serve the people of God


Won’t You Help a Pastor Fulfill Their Call?

With your generous gift of 34.00 dollars a month we are able to supply in part what a pastor needs to continue.

To choose a pastor to sponsor click the "Pick a Pastor" button.



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