Teacher’s Salaries

Children Need Consistency

Any person that is considered an authority in the rearing, training, and nurturing of children can tell you the importance of consistency in a child’s life.

This is because consistency helps to develop security and security in turn instills confidence

Because of this truth one of the greatest concerns we have for our over 800 children in the RSMI school, Excellent Care Centre in the Mathare Slum, Nairobi, is to maintain consistency through qualified teachers.

This is especially true because the teachers become not only a role model but a mentor, Instilling a love for education, knowledge, and Christian values.
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Retaining Skilled Teachers

One of the primary ways to retain skilled, dedicated teachers, is through teachers’ salaries. These educators deserve to be supported for they bring a wealth and constancy to the lives of children that may not receive this in any other area of their lives.

Teachers in the Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

Many of our children are either complete orphans, having no mother or father, or live in single parent homes or under guardianships.

Most of these caregivers are daily immersed in the struggle for survival and are not able to provide the nurturing that the children under their care need.

This is why a consistent a consistent educational and mentoring experience is so important


What You Can Do to Help

To maintain the basic level of consistency for our children, these teachers should be able to depend on being paid for their services.

Our teachers are willing to work for well under the pay scale of the government teachers in these countries because of their commitment to our children and the ministry of RSMI. Yet, they must feed their families and have shelter for themselves as well.

These dedicated educators deserve to be able to have their basic needs provided for through their service to God.

At the bare minimum a teacher should expect 125 - 150 dollars a month


Pay a Teacher – Save a Child

  • Although it does take 125-150 a month to support one of our teachers, your donations on any level are greatly appreciated.

  • With your gift of any amount you can bring consistency and hope to the life of a child in the developing world.

Help us bring hope to a child with a monthly or one time gift Today.



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