What is the Process

What is the Process to Become a Risen Scepter Pastor or Ministry Leader?


Risen Scepter LogoThe purpose of this document is to explain to pastors, as well as future pastors, what the process and timeline is for becoming part of the Risen Scepter Family of Ministries.

This document also serves the purpose of bringing clarification to those who have already been set in place as a pastor in Risen Scepter Ministries International. Meaning, to those who currently serve as a RSMI pastor, it is important that you fully understand what we do, and what we expect, concerning our relationship.

RSMI offers benefits to those that God is calling to be Part of Us

  • International exposure through a professional website
  • Marketing through Social Media and Printed Materials
  • A network of volunteers across the US sharing RSMI in their local communities
  • A professional board in the US whose members have years of training in business, civil administration, ministry, and non-profit management
  • Training for our pastors and the people of Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship Churches (The RSMI Training Centers, and training materials development is ongoing and will be offered on an continuing basis as they become available in the nations in which we serve)



Pastor’s Orientation

Every prospective pastor must attend a RSMI Pastor’s Orientation – This includes those preparing to graduate from a RSMI Training Center for Biblical Studies.
This instruction may be held in a home or a larger venue depending upon the situation.
This Orientation is to be taught by an official RSMI representative holding the position of Cluster Coordinator or higher 1

The purpose of the orientation is many-fold


  • To understand the Vision and Mission of our ministry
  • To correctly understand who RSMI is, and to foster unity
  • To help you understand what to expect from us as well as what we expect from you
  • (To see a full list of reasons for the Pastor’s Orientation please refer to the Pastor’s orientation checklist) 2
At the end of the orientation training you will be asked to complete the RSMI Application for Ordination and the Pastor’s Covenant 3


  • Without these forms completed you will not be considered for the position of RSMI Pastor
  • By signing the Pastor’s Covenant you will have agreed that you are subject to the RSMI Foundational Documents, including, RSMI Vision – RSMI Mission Statement – RSMI Statement of Faith – RSMI Core Values – RSMI By-Laws/Policies and Procedures 4
  • By signing the Pastor’s Covenant you agree to follow the RSMI Chain of Command and to submit to the leadership of RSMI
  • Please note: Attending the Pastor’s Orientation and completing the above mentioned forms is not a guarantee that you will be accepted as an RSMI Pastor or given the ability to take part in this ministry in any form



One Year Trial Period


  • There is a one year trial period that begins after being set in place as an RSMI Pastor
  • During this one year period the pastor will have full rights and privileges including freedom to operate as RSMI pastor 5 (See point 5 of this section)
  • During this period the pastor must follow all the guidelines prescribed in the RSMI Pastors in the PhilippinesFoundational Documents 6
  • This includes filing the monthly RSMI Church Report 7
  • However, the pastor will not be entered into the RSMI Adopt-A-Pastor Program until the end of this period
  • For more information on the One Year Trial Period please refer to the RSMI By-Laws/Policies and Procedures 8

Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship Churches


One of the requirements is that each church that comes to RSMI through their pastor, as well as any other ministries that might be involved, must be named as this ministry for purposes of identification and unity

This means that all churches that belong to the RSMI Family of Ministries are required to be called Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship Church

  • This is a non-negotiable requirement
  • If the pastor and church are under a previous registration in any particular nation – They must have renamed the church Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship by the first anniversary date of their annual filing of the previous registration
  • This period is never to be more than one year and coincides with the Pastor’s Trial Period
  • Until the time that the pastor and church leaves the previous registration they must indicate that they are associated with RSMI by posting to the public with signage that they are “In association with Risen Scepter Ministries International”
  • Please note: If, during the period between a pastors acceptance into the RSMI Family of Ministries, and the annual filing date of the previous registration, they plant any additional churches, those churches are to be automatically named Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship Church, even though the parent church is still under the old registration
  • Each Risen Scepter Christian Fellowship Church is required to donate monthly to the national organization in the country in which they live.
  • The percentage amount is on a sliding scale based upon the individual churches age with us and their ability to give (The details can be found in the RSMI By-Laws/Policies and Procedures 9
  • These donations to the RSMI national organization are never to come to the US, but are to be used for the ongoing administrations costs of the ministry in the home country, as well as for emergency situations which might occur with any individual members of RSMI in that nation


Funds and Donations

RSMI has not ever, and does not now, promise or guarantee any funds, either personal or public, to the member ministries, or pastors of RSMI

Any funds that might come to a pastor or member ministry of RSMI will be solely on the basis of specific donations to an RSMI program or campaign for that reason

Bishop Obadiah - RSMI African International Coordinator


  • This includes that, there is not now, nor has there ever been a promise of funds to come through the Adopt-A-Pastor Program
  • Any donations that come through this or other programs will be by individual people or organizations that the Lord has directed to give to that program
  • These funds will not come from the parent ministry of RSMI-USA itself

Individual needs of pastors, pastor’s families, or ministries, may be considered on a case to case basis, during times of emergencies, yet this will only be if those funds are indeed available.

However, there is never any promise that we will have the ability to help

An emergency fund is to be developed from the donations of the individual churches of any particular nation (See above in the previous section)

Adopt-A-Pastor Program

  • As mentioned above, at the end of the One Year Trial Period, the pastor will have an opportunity to be entered into the Adopt-A-Pastor Program
  • This qualified pastor will be included in that program on the RSMI Website after having filled out the Adopt-A-Pastor Application form
  • The pastor’s photo and biography will be displayed on our international site so that individual donors may pray about and select any particular pastor
  • This is a God directed endeavor and RSMI will not be held responsible by any individual pastor if they have not been selected or received donations
  • Please note: If any pastor has not consistently fulfilled the requirements of the RSMI Foundational Documents, including filing the monthly RSMI Church Report, they will NOT be entered into the program.
  • If a pastor begins to fulfill the requirements of entry after not having done so in the past, they may be considered for the program by RSMI-USA on a case by case basis – Yet, there is no guarantee, after not having complied in the past, that they will be allowed entrance to the RSMI Adopt-A-Pastor Program

End Notes:

1. For the RSMI Ministry Structure see RSMI By-Laws/Policies and Procedures, USA; Starting page 5

2. This document will be made available upon request

3. The Pastor’s Covenant can be viewed and downloaded from our website at http://www.risenscepter.org/discover/our-foundation/

4. This list of foundational documents may be updated or added to without notice, by the US Board and RSMI-USA

5. These rights and privileges exclude entrance into the Adopt-A-Pastor Program

6. These documents include: The RSMI Vision; The RSMI Mission Statement; The RSMI Statement of Faith; The RSMI Core Values; The RSMI By-Laws/Policies and Procedures. These documents are available for download from the RSMI website at this link http://www.risenscepter.org/discover/our-foundation/

7. Form available from RSMI Cluster Coordinator and above or in the RSMI Pastor’s section of our site

8. RSMI-USA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures; Page 20

9. RSMI-USA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures; Page 16


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